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Thread: Funny Mortgage Clauses?

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    Default Funny Mortgage Clauses?

    Hi guys,

    I just got a letter of offer from a bank for a mortgage but there are some weird clauses. I wanted to know if these are normal?

    (a) The Borrower’s placement of adequate deposits in the Account for payment of initial 12 monthly instalments of the Loan upon acceptance of this Letter of Offer.

    (b) The Property shall be owner-occupied for the full tenor of the Loan. The Bank reserves the right to recall and/or cancel the Loan immediately if, at any time the Mortgagor rents out, sublets, licenses or parts with possession of the Property without the Bank’s prior written consent.

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    (a) is not. Maybe it was added because you belong to those border line cases where the bank is very concern about your ability to pay monthly instalments, especially when you hold multiple properties and/or have other loan commitments and/or you are self employed and your income is not predictable.

    (b) is. As the bank has a "stake" in your property, if you rent it out, you should get prior consent from the bank.

    Which bank are you using?

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