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Thread: Fortune Jade - Dunman Road

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    Default Fortune Jade - Dunman Road

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry I am new here. I am interested to buy a unit at Fortune Jade or any project which is along that road. (Dunman View, Paradise Spring dll).

    Can someone enlight me on these projects.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    I have lived there before. It is too close to the road junction, very noisy most of the time. So, if your unit faces the main road, think twice. But overall, the location is pretty convenient. As for facilities, nothing fantastic, the pool is too shallow to have a good swim. I think paradise palm would be a better choice, at least the design is more modern and further away from the junction.

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    Wink For Sale: Fortune Jade Freehold Apartment

    D15: Fortune Jade for Sale
    • Selling the above mention property.
    • Mid-low floor
    • Freehold
    • Corner Unit.
    • Facing the main road.
    • Approx 1,249sqft
    • 3 Bedroom
    • Purchase since developer built.
    • Owner Occuppied.
    • Vacant most of the time.
    • Asking: S$1.35M nego
    • Interested please send me a pm.


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    Juz recv there 2 penthouses in Fortune Jade and Southhaven that are bank sale on Auction 16th Dec.
    You can contact Colliers .. I rcv the email from them.

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    Heard that there was a unit sold in recent week ........ If the unit that we saw before ...... what i can say is that lucky for the owner (Seller) and good luck with the new owner (Seller) ........

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    fortune jade is ugly, exposed a/c and all

    Go for paradise palms, look much better.

    terrible name too.... might as well call it huat huat towers....

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    Horrible development at a noisy cross junction and bedrooms are so small there is no space for cabinets? Living room is tiny and with octagonal (ok maybe exaggerated) windows or something like that. I don't see any merit in this.

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