March 11, 2007

A wall of black for a sense of privacy

BESIDES BEING THE MAIN ATTRACTION OF MS GOH'S MODERN, CONTEMPORARY HOME, the feature wall helps to conceal the bedrooms in the five-room flat. The reflective surface of the black glass also makes the dining room look much bigger. -- DOMINIC WONG

Assistant human resource manager Rosalind Goh, 28, tells Jocelyn Lee how a black glass feature wall in the dining area of her five-room flat in Redhill serves various functions.

'MY HUSBAND, Samuel, and I are very adventurous so we wanted something different. We wanted a main centrepiece that will do more than just beautify our home.

When our designer, Wincy, suggested building a feature wall in the dining area to conceal our bedrooms, we felt that it was a very refreshing idea.

The first thing you notice when you step into our home is that you cannot find the bedrooms. This makes our home more interesting and also gives us a sense of privacy even when guests visit us.

Besides that, the reflective surface of the black glass also makes our small dining room look much more spacious.

We chose to use black glass as it is unique and it gives our home a more elegant look. It also fits in with the colour scheme of our home which is black, beige and red.

We did not want to use mirror or plain glass as these do not bring out the theme of our home which is modern and contemporary.

The black glass feature wall also matches the black slate tiles which separate the dining area from the living room.

We decided to choose a dining table which is made of stainless steel so that the colour does not clash with the feature wall, which is the main attraction of our home.

Stainless steel is also modern and complements our theme.

To jazz things up, we have a few, small red and white ornaments displayed around the the living and dining rooms.

These ornaments add colour to our home and brighten it up. At the same time, they go well with the feature wall.

We wanted a unique feature for our home to give it a contemporary look, yet retain the cosy feel of a home.

I am glad that all it took for us to achieve that was to add a black glass feature wall.'

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