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The property market is on a slum. WRONG – Nothing could be further from the truth. Recent data released by URA shows an increase in property activity. There is a reason why the government cancelled the Interest-Absorption Scheme (IAS).

Investment properties are only for the rich. WRONG – the average income-earning man-on-the-street can earn a tidy sum of income by investing in properties.

Real Estate agents are incompetent and earn commission for doing nothing. NOT ME – I am a specialist at what I do and I do it well. With me, it will be an entire real estate experience – leave the real estate experience to my expert coordination.

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You might be interested in the following project launches:

The Gale (Flora Road)
Trizon (Pandan Valley)
Meadow Pierce (Pierce Reservoir)
CUBIK (Telok Kurau)

All the standard amenities come with these developments. Won’t waste your time on it. HOWEVER, these properties hold much investment value for you because of the rental potential. If you are looking to invest in a home – these homes are ideal because of their locations – they are near good schools for your kids and good food – what more can you ask for?

Okay, if you are not convinced, let me throw in another sweetener. For any investment in any properties I am marketing that you make through me, I am giving you these freebies:
a.Free interior design consultancy with a reputable interior designer/architect
b.Free 1 year home insurance
c.Free 3 nights stay at a 5-star local hotel or any of its hotels around the world
d.S$300 worth of petrol vouchers

Terms and conditions apply of course... Don’t forget that this promotion is not sponsored by Knight Frank (oh yes, I forgot to mention that I am from a reputable and well-known agency) or by any of the developers. It is sponsored by myself as a real estate broker – This is how committed I am to servicing you.

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