March 10, 2007

Modular behaviour

The sunken 22 sq ft space below my staircase was designed to be a water feature, but I don't want the hassle of maintaining it. Can I level it with a parquet deck that includes storage beneath?

Your options would depend on how deep the space is. If it is less than 15cm, you can only level the floor. But if the space is able to hold koi, then it is deep enough to store anything from toys to AV equipment.

Check out Systemind Platform at Millenia Walk which has a series of modular storage boxes and decking ideas that offer a flexible mix of storage and seating arrangements. But they come in standard sizes and may not fit properly into your space.

A more pricey option would to be to custom-make a timber deck with storage compartments.

Ask a contractor to make hinged doors that open up like a trapdoor. Make sure the handles are flush with the deck, so that the space can double as a sitting area.

Remember not to stress the hollow floor with heavy furniture. Use floor cushions and lightweight rattan chairs instead.