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Thread: Toddler survives nine-storey fall from open window

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    Default Toddler survives nine-storey fall from open window

    August 11, 2009 Tuesday

    Toddler survives nine-storey fall from open window

    By Kimberly Spykerman

    A THREE-year-old boy miraculously survived a nine-storey fall after landing in a thick clump of bushes at Goldenhill Park Condominium in Lorong Chuan yesterday.

    The South Korean toddler was found conscious and wailing only minutes after he went missing from the family's rented four-room apartment.

    Park Sihu - who turns four next month - was taken back upstairs to his distraught mother. Paramedics treated him for cuts and abrasions before rushing him to the KK Womens and Childrens' Hospital for further tests. Doctors there said that the boy escaped with little more than a fractured ankle as well as cuts to his chin, face and body.

    When The Straits Times visited Sihu at the hospital yesterday afternoon, he was getting ready for an operation to fix his fractured right ankle. A large piece of plaster covered his chin. His mother, Madam Hanna Kim, was at his bedside.

    The 36-year-old homemaker felt her son was 'lucky' to have survived the fall. 'God must have protected him,' she said tearfully, stroking her son's forehead.

    Yesterday morning, Sihu had wandered into the guest bedroom, clambered onto the bed that was pushed against the open window, and toppled over the ledge.

    Madam Kim said her daughters, aged seven and nine, were in the room as well but were studying and paid little attention to Sihu playing behind the curtains. She said she usually does not allow her son to play in that room unsupervised.

    It was only when her daughters burst into her room to tell her that Sihu was missing, that she realised something was horribly wrong.

    'When I heard from them that Sihu might have fallen out of the window, I thought...' she said, bursting into tears.

    Their domestic helper ran downstairs and found the boy. Though clearly traumatised, he was still able to recognise and respond to his mother.

    At the hospital, Madam Kim frantically called her husband, who was in Bangkok on business. He returned last night.

    The family moved here from Seoul a year and a half ago.

    Doctors The Straits Times spoke to said that surviving a fall like Sihu's was very unusual and that he was 'very lucky' to have fallen on bushes. Dr Victor Ong, a consultant at the National University Hospital's emergency medicines department said there are usually two reasons someone could survive such a fall:

    # The person hits items such as bamboo poles on the way down, thus slowing the speed of the fall and lessening the impact.

    # If the person lands on something soft - like the thick bushes in Sihu's case - the force is distributed across the whole body and so there is no sustained force in any particular area of the body.

    One paediatrician said that this is only the second such case he has seen in his 40 years of experience.

    'Even if you fall one storey and hit solid ground...depending on how you land, you could crack your skull and die. This boy's case is very rare,' he said.

    Madam Kim said that she will be asking her landlord to have metal grilles installed over all the windows in the apartment. 'It's not only to protect my family, but the next tenant's as well,' she said.

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    It is not time for this kid yet. Very good he managed to survive. A cat fell 9 storeys once and did not make it, so this is a miracle.

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