March 4, 2007

Benchmark of a fuss-free, clutter-free home

'I AM a very fuss-free person so I decided to choose furniture that is easy to clean and maintain.

Instead of the usual fabric or leather sofas in the living room, I opted for custom-made wooden benches as they do not become damaged or dirty easily.

They also double as good storage space as I can keep all my shoes under the benches. The benches can fit up to 10 people, which is useful when I have gatherings at home.

To add some colour, I have placed straw mat cushions on the wooden benches. They make the hard wooden seats more comfortable and are also very easy to wash.

I also have a custom-made wooden coffee table to match the benches. Likewise, I can store all my newspapers and magazines under the table.

The extra storage space helps to make my living room uncluttered and neat, which is something I am very proud of.

The walls are painted white as the colour complements the wooden carpentry and also makes my home look more spacious.

As the white walls were a little plain, I added a clock to jazz it up. But I did not want anything too fanciful and therefore chose one with no frame or numbers. It has only two clock hands, which is sufficient for me to tell the time. I really like the clock as I find it unique.

I chose to use a lighter shade of brown for the flooring of my living room so that my home will not look too dull. The colour brightens up the whole area and it also fits in with the dark brown colour of the benches.

I love to relax at home as it is very simple and neat. Besides being practical, the custom-made furniture also makes the living room a cosy place for me to chill out and rest.'

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