Hi guys,

Help and advice needed here...

I grew up in the east and wanted to move back ever since I moved out 10 years ago.... Been following a few threads in D15 and also found it getting more frustrating to look for units as owners are asking unrealistic prices.

Have been calling agents on the ST this morning and couldn't even get to see any units!!?? Guess biz too good for them. That's why I'm seeking help on the forum.

I'm looking for the following:
Require - 3rm condo or apartment (more than 30 units) and preferably FH
Size - 1200 - 1300 sqft
Budget - Approximately $900k
Willing to consider older units depending on condition of unit

Any bro or sis got any units to introduce please PM me? May have to give up and look elsewhere if the price doesn't come down....


May have to start