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Thread: Property agents mislead with ads

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    Default Property agents mislead with ads

    January 17, 2009 Saturday

    Property agents mislead with ads

    I would like to draw attention to the unethical practices of property agents.

    We have been house hunting for a while now and have come across instances of agents placing misleading advertisements to attract buyers.

    In one instance, an advertisement brochure purporting to market a property in Sixth Avenue shows lovely trees bordering the wide road. But the photograph of the road in the brochure is not Sixth Avenue but another road in Singapore.

    In another incident, an agent advertised a property as being 'fully renovated' and that buyers need to 'just bring luggage'. Upon viewing, the property was in a ramshackle condition. When questioned, the agent responded that although the renovation had taken place seven years ago, it could still be described as 'fully renovated'.

    Then there are agents who do not do their homework and know nothing about the properties they are marketing.

    One agent could not answer basic questions such as the age of the property, the developer and the monthly maintenance fee. When we asked about his lack of knowledge, he said that he was acting for another agent and was just there to show the place to buyers.

    Buying a property is a huge commitment and most of us rely on agents to help us complete the purchase. Are there guidelines to ensure the professionalism of property agents?

    Would the relevant authorities such as the Institute of Estate Agents and the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) care to comment?

    Dr and Mrs Rupert See

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    There are many ads in ST where agents claimed "cheapest in district xx".
    The fact is the price/psf is no where near the lowest, whichever way you look at it

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