Stuck with a loss-making home?
- Dec 9, 2006
The Straits Times
If you have a 99-year leasehold property

THE reality may be hard to accept but you are sitting on an ageing and depreciating asset, the value of which will continue to fall with time.

If possible, cut your losses by selling the apartment and buy a bigger HDB flat, such as a five-room or executive flat, in the resale market where prices have fallen and are now quite stable.

If you have the budget and financial means, consider upgrading to a freehold or a newer 99-year leasehold property.

If you have a freehold property

YOU may want to hold out for a collective sale, but you will first have to consider the area your property is in.

If the surrounding area is already densely built, forget about holding out as the Government is unlikely to revise plot ratios.

A higher plot ratio allows for more space to be developed, making the land more attractive for developers to buy and rebuild.

If the area is sparsely built, wait for the next Master Plan revision in 2008 to see if the plot ratio on your site will be revised.