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Thread: Singkong Hall - Minbu Road D11 Leasehold (?? years)

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    Default Singkong Hall - Minbu Road D11 Leasehold (?? years)

    Singkong Hall Welcomes You!

    This is an A Class residence. Lots of wide open spaces, outdoors dining. Common laundry area is about 1 hectre...

    Seriously I was looking at a few units in the area - Pavilion 11, Vutton, Montebleu, and there was this amazingly huge Eyesore that is Singkong Hall. It looks like it was built prior to the Japanese occupation, but the website says it was founded in 2007!!

    There is about a mile of rusty chain link fence and at least 500 pieces of laundry hanging to dry on string all around this plot of land.

    Does anyone have any idea what the hell this place is??? And when is the Singapore Land Authority going to tear it down???
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    Just to let you knw that this SingKong Hall was previously tendered to lease the place from SLA.

    And it was zoned for hostel usuage. It will be here for at least 3years.

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