August 21, 2008 Thursday

En bloc spat: Mailboxes hit

A police investigator examining vandalised mailboxes at Laguna Park condo last night. -- MUGILAN RAJASEGERAN/THE STRAITS TIMES

FIRST cars, now letter boxes.

Several residents of the Laguna Park condominium in Marine Parade Road had their mailboxes vandalised last night.

In the third such attack this month, vandals used glue to seal the keyholes of eight letter boxes - all belonging to residents who had not signed the condominium's en bloc sales agreement.

For some victims, last night's attack was the second time they had been hit.

Several had their cars damaged last month when vandals threw a corrosive liquid, possibly paint thinner, on them.

The residents have appealed to their management committee for help, and have suggested that closed-circuit television cameras be set up to prevent future attacks.

This is being studied.

One victim of last night's mailbox attack, who wanted to be known only as Mr Chan, 50, said: 'I'm disappointed that it has come to this. The kampung spirit we had here has gone...all over an en bloc sale.'

He added: 'I fear that this is not the end.'

Police are investigating.