Costa Del Sol vs The Bayshore: Why one is selling at 40% higher

September 20, 2022

Costa Del Sol and The Bayshore share many similarities

Costa Del Sol and The Bayshore are located right beside each other in Bedok planning area and within walking distance to East Coast Park. The leasehold developments are also next to the upcoming Bayshore MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), which is slated to open in 2024. Both are also large condominium developments with about 1,000 units.

A notable difference between the two developments is their TOP date. Costa Del Sol was completed in 2004, thus making it younger than The Bayshore by eight years.

Due to the many similarities between the two condominiums, one would assume that they share similar average prices. However, the average resale price of Costa Del Sol ($1,541 psf) is about 40% higher than that of The Bayshore ($1,105 psf). Average prices also grew at a faster pace of 26% for Costa Del Sol since 2012, compared to 17% for The Bayshore. We will examine the two developments and discover the reasons for their large disparity in price.

Family-sized units add to popularity of Costa Del Sol

A large proportion of the population in Bedok planning area are owner-occupiers (87%) and only 11% are tenants. This is in line with the data for the whole of Singapore, where 87.9% of the population own their home and 12.1% of the population rent.

The bulk of the residents in Bedok are middle-aged adults and children aged between 10 and 19 years. As such, the majority of them are likely to be families comprising a couple and their children.

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