July 5, 2008

Discourage such discriminatory adverts

WHILE helping a friend and sieving through advertisements to rent HDB flats, I noticed quite a few home owners (or perhaps their agents) discriminating against certain racial groups or nationalities.

In a country which encourages equality, this behaviour should be stamped out.

Take two advertisements from an Internet website at

'3+1+1 The Rivervale Condo... nicely renovated... all race, except Indiax...' Only 'Indiax' (referring to local and expatriate Indians) are excluded from renting this apartment. The following is another example, from the same website at 'For rent, Springvale 3+1... not Indian or China...'

While home owners have the right to choose the best tenant for their property, these have discriminated against certain nationalities or races in their quest for the ideal tenant.

Perhaps this is due to a poor experience tenants faced with certain races or nationalities.

There may be a handful of people in every nation and race who make poor tenants. But it is preposterous to penalise an entire nation or race.

In this day and age, such blatant discrimination should not be allowed. I urge moderators of these websites, and others similarly dedicated, to check advertisements they receive and strongly discourage such forms of racism.

It might also be helpful for home owners to re-evaluate criteria they set for tenants.

Lydia Ng (Ms)