Punggol Digital District to house international companies; over 2,000 tech-related jobs to be created

Jul 28, 2021

Boston Dynamics, which is based in the United States, will partner regional startup dConstruct Technologies and the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) on learning and applied research of robotics systems.

Wanxiang will also partner regional training company AGB Education Centre to introduce a series of programmes focusing on knowledge, training and accreditation in essential technologies for the digital economy.

Singapore-based Group-IB, a global threat hunting and cyber intelligence company which is also a partner of Interpol, will tie up with SIT to establish a virtual environment to stress-test applications, solutions and systems against cyber hazards.

Singapore revealed the masterplan for the PDD 3 years ago as the choice location for technology players. The district will permit companies to acquire practical access to market partners, academic proficiency and industry-ready skill.

SIT will be co-located with these companies, benefiting trainees with a "full-fledged applied learning environment" while bringing talent to these companies.

Delta Electronics - which is entirely owned by Taiwan-headquartered Delta Group - will incorporate its smart solutions and automated container farm into PDD's open digital platform, enabling for remote tracking and data analytics of ecological and device metrics. The company has plans to establish a local head office in Kallang by 2022, in addition to a satellite office at PDD.

The PDD is set to be Singapore's international hub for smart companies and is anticipated to create over 2,000 tech-related jobs. These range from fraud hunters, data experts and solution engineers, to artificial intelligence and blockchain developers, stated Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong at the "Punggol Digital District - Connecting Smartness 2021" event on Wednesday.

The environment will be more enhanced by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, Government Technology Agency and a network of tech associations.

Other companies which have confirmed their location in the PDD include Delta Electronics Int'l (Singapore), Singapore's Group-IB and Chinese corporation Wanxiang.

SIT trainees will have the ability to utilize the Spot robot and dConstruct's software programming tool to establish robotics solutions for enhanced school experiences.

Boston Dynamics, known for its robotic dog Spot, is amongst the very first batch of international companies which have confirmed their location in the upcoming Punggol Digital District (PDD).

"Each of these companies bring various proficiency to the mix, including robotics and engineering, electronics and cybersecurity, blockchain and automation innovation," Mr Gan stated, adding that these companies have plans to establish base in Singapore.

Wanxiang - which is in the line of automotive parts making and sales - is partnering blockchain accelerator Tribe to introduce a blockchain makerspace and incubation programme at PDD.