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Thread: Greetings from new member!!

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    motoway Guest

    Default Greetings from new member!!

    Hello fellow forumites, I am a 21 year old student and I am very very interested in the property market.

    Since I'm new there may be some rules and regulation of the forum which I may be unsure of so please 多多指教.

    Will be keen to learn from all the gurus here!!

    Merry meet you guys.

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    Welcome, Welcome

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    Welcome! Good time to start looking for good and cheap properties.

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    Welcome. We are in an interesting time.

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    motoway Guest


    Thanks all fellow forumites, I'm looking aRound and reading up as much as possible to look at the market conditions. Do u guys purchase condominum through an agent or by oneself?

    Sorry but i am still very new to the Real Estate market.

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