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    Our family is considering going to Indonesia and joining a Bandung tour group there. However some of us prefer going to Yogyakarta as they want to see the giant Borobudur and Prambanan temple. I personally am not interested going to Yogyakarta as this place is hot while I and my wife prefer cooler area as we are both Singaporeans who are used to hot climate every day.
    Now our family is confused as Iíve read that Borobudur is a famous place to go yet Iíve also heard from many people whoíve been to Bandung that it is such a pretty city that itíd be a pity if I donít come there to visit. Now we are in dilemma as some of us want to go to Bandung and the others donít.
    For anyone who have been to both Bandung and Yogyakarta, which one do you prefer and why? How many days should we stay in Indonesia? My wife wants to stay for 5 days while I want to stay for 7 or 8 days as we are in the middle of long vacation from our office now.
    Which city is cheaper in terms of hotel, food, and other expenses? What are the nice places to visit in Bandung, Indonesia? I really love going to cooler places like Bandung and I donít seem I can reassure them that Iíve made the best decision for them. How far is Bandung from Yogya by the way? Is it possible to go from Bandung by car and how long would it be? Any other interesting places to see in that city? What about food, which city has the nicer food? I donít like spicy food, but my kids do. We are planning to go in December or early January to take our Bandung tour package. What is the weather there do you think?
    Thank you for all the recommendation.

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    for culture and scenery yogja is better.... For food and relaxing Bandung is better

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