Hi! Iím planning to go to Indonesian soon and looking for a car rental in Bandung. Anyone can suggest me a reliable tour or travel agency in Bandung which also provides car hire service in Bandung? Itíll be just the 4 of us (I, my wife, and our 2 kids) so an MPV car would be just perfect.

Iíve searched around on Google, however most of them require me to send them deposit first. This truly makes me very uncomfortable as they all use personal name, not company name. If their bank account was under company name, I wouldnít mind sending them the money deposit required to secure the tour or car hire booking. One of my colleagues had a not so pleasant experience before with a Bandung car rental company just last month. At that time she was left alone on top of the volcano whereas she has fully paid for the trip to the volcano.

When I went to Bali last year, it was much easier to find a reliable travel company which also has car hire service, but this time when I and my family want to go to Bandung, we find it a bit more difficult to find a Bandung car hire service.
Also, Iím wondering if would it be good if I drive the car myself or shall I hire a driver as well? I came across a car rental service which allows me to drive myself using GPS. But Iím still not really sure about this idea yet. Has anyone driven around in Indonesia, or Bandung in particular? How is the street condition in Bandung?

If I can drive around in the city and to the volcano, thatíd be great! But if the Bandung car rental service requires me to hire a driver as well, I wouldnít mind if the price is cheap.