Buying a home? Compare building quality scores on BCA website

Database to be helpful for people looking to buy units of uncompleted projects

Sep 20, 2017

HOME buyers in Singapore can now search for and compare the quality of workmanship of developers and their projects easily through the Building and Construction Authority's (BCA) website. This will allow them to make a more informed choice on prospective purchases.

Launched on Tuesday, the new function called "Search for Quality Housing" allows users to search through a database which compiles the building quality scores of developers and contractors, and their properties.

Scores are based on two industry yardsticks: the Construction Quality Assessment System (Conquas), which is the BCA's independent assessment of building quality, and its extension, the Quality Mark, which covers every unit in a housing development.

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said in a blog post on Tuesday: "Such information is already in the public domain today, but it takes a bit of effort to find the data and make sense of it." Mr Wong noted that the Conquas and Quality Mark scores "by themselves are not perfect measures of quality".

"But they reflect the track record of the contractor and developer, and I believe that's something home-buyers would want to take into account before making a major decision on their home purchase," he added.

He said this would be helpful for people looking to buy units of uncompleted projects. As they are unable to inspect the homes, they will have to make assessments based on show units and floor plans, he pointed out.

Using the BCA's new search tool, buyers can compare scores of specific developers and contractors, based on their previous projects, and also see how they fare against the industry average.

Mr Wong also encouraged all developers to publish the Conquas and Quality Mark scores from previous projects in their sales documents. "For greater transparency, those with no previous experience and no previous Conquas or Quality Mark scores should make this known explicitly in their documents," he said.

The Conquas checklist assesses the quality of structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical workmanship.

It covers internal finishes, external walls, external works, and material and functional tests such as waterproofing work installation. The assessments are conducted on a representative number of units in each development.