Do HDB flat buyers own their flat?

Yes. Leasehold property buyers such as HDB flat buyers are owners too.

26 Aug 2017

Confused about your rights as a HDB flat owner? Let Factually re-lease the facts to you.

Why have 99-year leases for HDB flats?

Residential properties with 99-year or shorter leases are common in the housing market in Singapore, as well as in other jurisdictions like Hong Kong and Canberra (Australia). In land-scarce Singapore, the leasehold system allows the land to be recycled and re-developed, to meet the needs of future generations of Singaporeans.

Am I a home owner if I buy a 99-year lease HDB flat?

HDB flat buyers who purchase a typical new 99-year lease flat own the rights to their flats for 99 years.

Likewise, buyers of a 99-year leasehold private property own the rights to their property for the duration of their lease, and would also regard themselves as home owners.

What rights do I have as a HDB owner?

During your period of ownership, you can decide to live in the flat, renovate it, rent it out or even sell it once you meet the eligibility conditions. You can decide on the selling price or rental rate of the flat, and you get to keep the proceeds from these transactions. These are rights and benefits that only a flat owner can enjoy.

Am I just renting the flat from HDB for the period of ownership?

No, there’s a difference between renting and owning a flat – people who are renting an apartment can live in the flat, but they have to pay rent throughout their stay. The rent they pay may be periodically revised based on market conditions. They are also unable to sell or benefit from the sale of the flat.

Why do HDB flat owners have to pay property tax?

Property tax is a tax levied on the ownership of properties. Hence, owners of private residential properties (both freehold and leasehold) as well as HDB flat owners pay property tax.

Source: Ministry of National Development