Urban residents and new settlers are finding harmony in urban living while opting for the latest luxuriant homes with world-class amenities and new luxuries. Now the maxim of urban living is perching in luxury homes located in lofty new residential assets and enjoying new luxuries. There are multiple facets to urban living and the latest luxury homes can easily improve the lifestyle of residents both easily and quickly. While the busy urban residents have to manage their hectic work schedules and bust stress, the new comfortable homes are settling them easily with its amenities. There are plenty of new facilities in the latest homes such as water purification system, biometric access control system and more facilities. This system is easily ruling out the requirement for the conventional lock and key. Instead the entrance doors are secured by this efficient access control system that prevents intrusion. The biometric access control system is installed outside the entrance and it recognises the fingerprint impressions of the home members. It blocks out intruders through the automated detection process.

There are many more facilities to enjoy in the latest residential assets developed by the builders in Kochi. These 2-storey villas are designed for luxuriant living in Kakkanad. The villas have 3 to 4 spacious bedrooms designed to provide residents absolute comfort. The innovative floor plan of these villas is among its most compelling features. A roof garden is arranged tastefully to ornate the terrace providing residents a new venue for hosting roof top parties or other purposes. The ambient new villas are innovative homes exuding class and comforts for settling residents in Metropolitan Kochi. Now residents are considering the smartly designed villas in Kochi to settle down in these new luxury homes. After the introduction of the new luxury villas, residents have a delectable time indoors and enjoy spending plenty of time in the comforts of their new luxury villas. There is even a conference hall available for the busy residents to arrange immediate business meetings or client discussions while settled at home. After battling the hectic schedule, they can enjoy playing in the badminton court available with the villa. There are also multiple new facilities such as swimming pool, health club, and kids play area for recreational activities. Latest luxury villas in Kochi are instilling pride in the residents and settling them in the most comfortable homes located at Metropolitan city.