May 28, 2008

Annoyed over water pump noise

I BOUGHT a ground floor patio unit at Water Place condo in Tanjong Rhu Road last year. At the time of purchase, we were not told about noise that comes from the water pump located just below our master bedroom.

This pump, which supplies water to the condominium, comes on at any time, depending on the water levels, and causes annoyance to the people living in the apartment.

We have been complaining since we discovered the gushing sound of the water whenever the pump comes on. This can happen at any time of the day and even late in the night, disrupting sleep.

This structural problem wasn't told to us when we bought the unit. I have been suffering from this for eight months. I have reported the matter to the developer and other relevant authorities, to no avail.

I am disheartened because the apartment is not the dream condo I was given to understand during the sale and the developer and related authorities are not serious about solving the problem.

Arun Kumar Sharma