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Thread: Masterplan 2008 released this Friday?

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    Default Masterplan 2008 released this Friday?

    Which areas will be most affected? Also, I noticed the ST being very late with the 40% drop news especially when CS and Barclays released the reports 2 weeks ago. What are they playing at, especially in light of Masterplan 2008 being released this Friday??

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    Default Re: Masterplan 2008 released this Friday?

    Bad news first then more bad news.

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    May 19, 2008
    Unveiling of URA Master Plan


    THE Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) will unveil the Draft Master Plan 2008 on Friday.

    The new Master Plan is expected to make changes in land use, increase plot ratios as well as lay the groundwork for a much larger population of 6.5 million, which could be reached in as short a span of time as 20 years.

    The country's planners are drawing up future development plans for housing, recreation, land transport and the economy's needs based on this new projection. The previous target was 5.5 million.


    The Draft Master Plan 2008 is the most important statutory plan used to determine land use and shape Singapore's physical development in the next 10 to 15 years.

    This year's Master Plan is expected to focus on growth areas, rather than widespread upgrade in densities. Key sectors which are likely to benefit include hotels, aerospace, health care and transport.


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    May 19, 2008
    Punggol to have new shopping mall, more flats

    RESIDENTS in Punggol will have a new shopping mall and more fellow residents within the next three years.

    The new town, which already has 16,700 flats, has another 2,100 being built now.

    The Housing Board also recently launched 1,700 flats and will launch another 4,000 by year's end, said National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan last Saturday at the launch of a two-day exhibition on the progress in Punggol.

    He added that, with more residents calling Punggol home, it would become feasible to build more commercial and public facilities.

    One being planned is a shopping mall about the size of Junction 8 in Bishan.

    The first sale site for a mixed commercial and private residential development will be launched in the town centre in the next two to three years.

    Punggol's 4.2km waterway through the town will be used to bring water closer to the community. The Housing Board recently completed technical studies on it and works will begin next year.

    A landscape masterplan design competition is being held to tap the expertise of urban planners, architects and landscape architects, who will be expected to contribute designs and concepts for the waterway, two tributaries and 10m-wide promenades along the waterway and town park.

    The HDB plans to launch the first public housing site along a waterfront after major works of the waterway are completed in the next two to three years.

    Several plots of land will also be set aside for private residential projects.

    Work on the coastal promenade will begin soon, while the development of a rustic park on Coney Island will start next year. Other facilities being worked on include a horse-riding centre and a golf range.


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    May 22, 2008
    Leisure Island
    By Jessica Lim
    NOTHING to do on the weekends in Singapore? Not if its city planners can help it.

    Yesterday, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) revealed an ambitious blueprint to make Singapore a great place to work, live and have fun in.

    Under its Leisure Plan, 900ha of new park space and 260km of park connectors will be added in the next 10 to 15 years.

    The plan also includes an uninterrupted 150km round-island cycling and jogging route.

    'I think we may be the first and only people in the world to be able to take a walk, relatively easily, around our whole country,' said Minister for National Development Mah Bow Tan, unveiling the plan at the Singapore Institute of Architects' 47th annual dinner last night.

    He added that Singaporeans need not worry that higher economic and population growth will come at the expense of space and greenery.

    The URA plan also earmarks six areas to be developed into leisure hotspots.

    Five have been previously announced. Last night, Mr Mah added the sixth - the Kranji and Lim Chu Kang areas which will become a 'countryside' retreat for urban dwellers.

    Boating activities such as kayaking will be permitted at the Kranji Reservoir and new parkland and nature trails will allow better access to the Kranji Marshes and the wetlands in Sungei Buloh.

    A final plank in the plan is to inject more buzz into the city, especially at night. The URA is relooking everything from night lighting to street fixtures, and hopes to kick-start these after-dark activities with a new Night Festival in July.

    The Leisure Plan is part of a bigger blueprint, the 2008 URA Draft Master Plan, which will be revealed tomorrow.

    For ideas, URA planners combed the island looking for leisure opportunities for the young and old, said URA chief executive officer Cheong Koon Hean.

    'We want to ensure that even as we continue to grow, we can still enjoy a very good quality of life,' she said.

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    May 22, 2008
    Plans to up countryside charm in two areas
    Lim Chu Kang, Kranji to be developed into 'weekend refuge', with farm stays and spas
    By Lim Wei Chean

    FANS of the lush farms in Lim Chu Kang and the serenity of Kranji's Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve can look forward to more outdoor activities in Singapore's small slice of countryside.

    Under a plan unveiled by National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan yesterday, Lim Chu Kang and Kranji have been earmarked for several new leisure activities, from kayaking to farm stays.

    The goal is to turn the areas into a 'weekend refuge' for urbanites, said Mr Mah.

    The blueprint is part of a bigger five-year review of the masterplan for Singapore's development, which will be announced tomorrow.

    It will include a new emphasis on the laidback countryside charm of Lim Chu Kang, now dotted with 115 fish, goat and vegetable farms.

    Three new sites will be released for the 'agri-tainment' business, a sector that includes farm stays, countryside spas and centres that teach urban dwellers the appeal of farming.

    In Kranji - already home to the 130ha Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve - land will be set aside for two new parks totalling 21ha.

    Besides the current 2km-long Kranji Nature Trail, new paths are being created to make another 17ha of the mangrove swamps in the Kranji Marshes accessible to the public.

    Sea sports enthusiasts can also look forward to kayaking on the Kranji Reservoir and other non-motorised boating activities.

    Mr Mah announced the plans yesterday at the Singapore Institute of Architects' annual dinner at Suntec convention centre.

    The area, he said, will be 'developed into an attractive weekend refuge for urban dwellers'.

    Farmers in Kranji and Lim Chu Kang welcomed the news that the area has been set aside as a playground for Singaporeans.

    It is something the farmers who formed the Kranji Countryside Association have been trying to do for the past few years. They have organised annual events such as the Spring Festival during Chinese New Year to promote the area and attract visitors.

    Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim, president of the association, said their aim now is to 'bring back the fireflies within five years'. The bugs, once plentiful in Singapore, died out years ago because of development.

    Her only worry is that the developments will become too artificial, ruining the area's rustic charm.

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    Leisure Plan drawn up to enhance recreational options in Singapore
    By Wong Siew Ying, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 21 May 2008 2135 hrs

    SINGAPORE: In the near future, one will be able to stroll, jog or cycle around the whole of Singapore just by following an extensive route.

    The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is developing a 150-kilometre round-island path as part of its Leisure Plan.

    National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan revealed details of new recreational options at the Architectural Design Awards 2008 ceremony on Wednesday.

    The round-island route will be developed over the next 10 to 15 years, but up to two-thirds of the path which includes the Punggol Coastal Promenade could be ready in just five years.

    At three and a half times the length of the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), the route will comprise existing and new park connectors, waterfront promenades and other trails.

    It will also cover leisure destinations at the Marina Bay, Changi Point and the upcoming Jurong Lake District.

    Mr Mah said: "We may be the first and only people in the world to be able to take a relatively easy walk around our whole country. You can spend a morning with your family at East Coast Park, enjoy the sea breeze at the new coastal promenades at Punggol and Woodlands, or take an evening stroll through our hilltops at the Southern Ridges."

    Besides visiting the rustic countryside and farms at Lim Chu Kang, the more adventurous will also be able to trek along new nature trails to the 17-hectare Kranji Marshes.

    Furthermore, the National Parks Board will be launching a Wetland Master Plan in the Sungei Buloh area to promote "bio-learning" activities.

    Cheong Koon Hean, CEO of URA, said: "We already have the very beautiful Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, which we will enhance. We will add 21 hectares of park land around it to protect the ecology of the entire system.

    "The agri-tainment sites have been introduced because a lot of people just want to get away and experience farmstays, so we are creating opportunities to do that. Some sites will be tendered out for agri-tainment use."

    Singaporeans can also look forward to more quiet retreats, which will be made available with 900 hectares of new green spaces, including the new Gardens by the Bay and the Diary Farm Nature Park.

    Authorities also plan to triple the existing park connector network from the current 100 kilometres to 360 kilometres within 15 years.

    Waterways like the one in Bukit Chermin will be made more accessible. At the same time, urban planners are considering converting some of the black-and-white bungalows there into boutique hotels or spas.

    The URA has also come up with ideas to transform Singapore into a 24/7 city. One way is to create more lifestyle hotspots like the one at Dempsey Hill. In the years ahead, new chill-out places will be found at the Lakeside Village in Jurong and Kallang Riverside.

    Some other leisure plans will be happening much sooner this year. Come July, the National Heritage Board is holding a Night Festival at the Bras Basah area, followed by the Singapore Tourism Board's Singapore River Festival in September.

    Besides hosting more programmes, URA said improvements like better night-lighting, new street furniture and more attractive activity spaces will be introduced to create a better ambience for people to enjoy the nightlife in Singapore.

    - CNA/so

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    Government to spend S$30m on Punggol Waterfront Town
    By Hasnita A Majid, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 21 May 2008 1851 hrs

    SINGAPORE : The government will spend about S$30 million to develop key features of the new Punggol Waterfront Town.

    Most of that amount - S$25 million - will go towards the man-made Punggol Waterway, which will be constructed next year.

    The waterway will be the focal point of activities, according to plans by the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

    Professional planners have been invited to submit designs and concepts to develop the areas along the waterway.

    Punggol residents have a lot to look forward to. They will soon have plenty of activities that are centred around a new 4.2-kilometre waterway.

    The waterway will connect Sungei Serangoon and Sungei Punggol. It will snake through various areas, including the proposed Town Centre - bringing water and water activities closer to residents.

    Dr Johnny Wong, Deputy Director, Building Technology Department, HDB, said: "We are hoping that it will promote activities like canoeing, some passive walking along the waterways, and even alfresco dining. So we are quite excited about this project."

    Architects, engineers and landscape planners have been invited to enter the Punggol Waterway Landscape Masterplan Design Competition. Interested groups were brought to the sites of some of the developments - including the waterway - on Wednesday.

    The waterway will be built mostly on vacant land, so that there will be minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.

    Mabel Goh, Director, Design Link Architects, said: "We have done quite a fair bit of public housing and it's not new to us. The exciting thing is to redesign public housing with spaces, balconies overlooking the waterways and even private space to integrate with the waterways..."

    Leonard Ng, Landscape Architect, Atelier Dreiseitl Asia, said: "It has to be considered in the urban context. We have to relate it to the buildings around it, to the open spaces, the parks around, and how the edge of the river can connect the people and engage the people.

    "And so the challenge would be how to carry that out while still being mindful about the safety and security aspects."

    The winner of the competition will be announced in November and stands to win S$300,000 and will work with the HDB to develop the Punggol area.

    Punggol Town will have 96,000 housing units eventually, with 60 percent allocated for public housing and the rest for private housing.

    The residential areas will also house eco-friendly features and be a showcase for green technology. - CNA/ms

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    Published May 22, 2008

    Leisure Plan promises fun times ahead

    Devts include 150km round-island path, agri-tainment sites and urban hotspots


    (SINGAPORE) From a round-the-island jogging route to night festivals in the city, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has shown it is serious about fun by coming up with Singapore's first Leisure Plan.

    According to National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan, there is a need to 'further sharpen Singapore's distinctiveness as a vibrant yet liveable city'.

    But the task is not simple, says URA chief executive Cheong Koon Hean. 'It is not just about providing space and facilities to play, it is also about enhancing the variety and quality of leisure options we have around-the-clock, where there is something for everyone.'

    Built on the 2003 parks and waterbodies and identity plans, the Leisure Plan aims to enhance Singapore's quality of life. It is part of the 2008 Draft Master Plan that will also focus on sustaining economic growth.

    The Leisure Plan seeks to provide recreation to suit everyone.

    For those seeking active fun, more green spaces will be available.

    For starters, a 150-km round-the-island route for joggers and cyclists is in the works. Linking park connectors and other trails from Changi to areas such as Punggol, Lim Chu Kang, Jurong Lake, Marina Bay and back, the route will be finished in 10-15 years. Stretches in some regions such as the Southern Ridges are already complete, and the next five years will see at least half the route laid out.

    Bringing parks closer to homes, the park connector network will more than triple in size from 100 km to 360 km in the next 10-15 years. The web will expand further to include six more loops in the next five years, in areas such as Siglap-Kallang.

    Parks will grow to 4,200 ha in the next 15 years, from 3,300 ha today. In the more immediate future, new parks in areas such as Lower Seletar Reservoir will appear.

    Besides parks, more accessible waterways and new sports facilities will become must-go destinations for residents keen on outdoor play.

    Beyond creating spaces, the Leisure Plan aims to carve out destinations with a distinctive character.

    Under the second part of the plan, the 1,400-ha Kranji and Lim Chu Kang area will become a countryside getaway. Besides the 115 farms there, new parkland, new trails though Kranji Marshes, three agri-tainment sites and other facilities will be created.

    In the city area, special lighting will dot areas such as Orchard Road, Bugis and Marina Bay to help give the island a vibrant nightlife.

    And the National Heritage Board will step up the beat over two weekends in July in the Bras Basah and Stamford Road area, with night festivals featuring live music, street theatre and other performances. The Singapore Tourism Board will follow in September with its Singapore River Festival.

    Arts activities and lifestyle hotspots such as Tanglin Village and Rochester Park will also provide urban entertainment.

    Industry players are positive on more recreation. 'The development of recreational venues is a boon to surrounding residential areas,' said Cushman & Wakefield managing director Donald Han. 'With more attractions and infrastructure being built, we are likely to see higher demand and a sustainable price increase over the longer term.'

    Supporting that view, director of marketing and business development at Savills Singapore Ku Swee Yong said: 'A planning approach that packages work and play around daily activities in one area, such as the proposed Jurong Lake District, will mean premium property prices in the area.'

    In particular, more recreational venues will help the western region of Singapore shed its industrial image to present a better value proposition for home buyers. As Mr Han noted: 'Residential prices in the east are traditionally higher because of the diversity of attractions in the area - golf courses, the beach, restaurants and interesting food and beverage chill-out concepts.'

    Kranji Countryside Association president Ivy Singh-Lim supports the increased focus on agri-tainment. According to her, visitors will benefit from a refuge away from the city and farmers can gain additional income.

    But Mrs Singh-Lim is concerned that development could encroach on the area's rustic charm, and hopes agri-tainment will become just be 'part of the scene (of sustainable agriculture)'.

    URA will launch the Draft Master Plan 2008 exhibition tomorrow for the public to give feedback.

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    Where are the areas with plot ratio changes? I am looking for en bloc properties.

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