Published April 25, 2008

Lack of schools a problem for AmCham

A SELECT Committee has been set up by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) to look into the issue of school admission for its members' children, it said yesterday.

'One of the greatest issues facing AmCham members today is ensuring their children have access to international schools,' said AmCham chairman Steve Okun.

'There are many examples of members who are unable to move key employees to Singapore because their children cannot gain admittance to their selected schools,' he noted.

'With most international schools at their admissions saturation, the situation is only worsening.'

He added that schools are creating 'programmes for candidates to secure enhanced placement rights' by getting employers to buy a place in the programme.

To tackle the problem, the committee will help AmCham members gain access to international school waitlists and inform them about educational options that businesses may consider if schools cannot increase their enrolment due to space constraints, it said.

The committee will also inform the Singapore American School board and the boards of other international schools of the numbers of expatriates entering Singapore, as well as AmCham members' concerns, so that the schools can determine future facility and expansion needs.

In addition, the committee will keep relevant government ministries and agencies updated on the waiting list situation, as well as strategies to ensure schools can be expanded.