July 6, 2007

'Real changes' in 10 years

THE integrated resorts and new Botanic Gardens will be up and running in five years but the 'real changes' will probably not be seen for 10 years, said Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

A cosmopolitan Singapore would have emerged by then, but the society will keep its core values, he told the BBC in an interview yesterday.

'The core values, we will not give up...But for the things which are less core - that means the outer circle - we might be more liberal, in

terms of the arts, in terms of the kinds of entertainment you can get in Singapore,' said Mr Goh.

'Five years' time, the changes might be there. We can see it visually... But I think the real change probably can be seen only in 10 years.

'By then, I envisage a Singapore which is very vibrant, not just in terms of business, financial services, but certainly, in terms of the cultural aspect of Singapore.'