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Thread: google vs microsoft: who will win in few years time ??...

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    Default google vs microsoft: who will win in few years time ??...

    google vs microsoft: can some it-professionals and experts tell me who will win in a few year time ??...

    - android o/s looks very primitive now compared to windows... but is $0... more and more platform will be shipped in android
    - more and more application software are moving towards google web-based, from the more expensive windows app....

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    This is a very interesting question.

    MS : will still be the lead in the office space mainly on desktop and productivity but, it is still lacks the weight in the enterprise space where heavy weight of ERP app with database support etc are needed. The blues like IBM, SAP, Oracle will still have their strong existence.

    Google : it is more on the presentation layer. Of course, Google has moved it to cloud business. However, Google still cannot gain its presence in China.

    This is like comparing orange and apple, and these two are not head on, IMO, both will still exist even a few years later.

    If u ask me, which counter will go up take is Google mainly I have higher regards for Google leaders.

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    I think sooner than later will google get embroiled in monopoly lawsuits. Rewind to MS days..

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