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Thread: Sentosa or GCB - the rich's playground

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    Default Sentosa or GCB - the rich's playground

    Ride at your own risk !!!

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    No party that never end

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    too much money to spend, bro!

    I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.Ē - Robert Frost quotes (American poet, 1874-1963)

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    Damn pai say now..

    His neighbours must have known about his troubles in Australia now..

    If this report is true.. he will be in negative networth of a hundred millions! ..gosh..

    "Mr Tinkler owns 19.4 per cent of Whitehaven, but since its April merger with his private Boardwalk Resources and listed Aston Resources, the company's shares have fallen from $5.58 to $2.82 this morning, taking the value of his Whitehaven stake from $1.1 billion in April to $555 million.

    Mr Tinkler holds substantial debts against that stake, principally believed to be consolidated with Singapore-based Noonday Asset Management - an arm of hedge fund Farrallon.

    BusinessDay estimates Mr Tinkler's total maximum liabilities may be as high as $638 million although Mr Tinkler's spokesman has consistently said the true figure was "a mere fraction" of that amount, while declining to nominate a figure."

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