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    Default HK or SG

    Quote from FT:
    "President Hu Jintao opened the Chinese Communist party’s 18th congress on Thursday morning, as the country takes the final step towards unveiling its next generation of leaders. During his speech, President Hu announced a new economic target: doubling per capita income by 2020 compared to 2010 levels in both rural and urban areas. While the two top spots are almost certain to go to Mr Xi and Li Keqiang, the incoming premier, almost everything else about the new government is still unknown, including its policy priorities and who will head major ministries."

    Quote from SCMP:
    "On Beijing's relations with Hong Kong and Macau, Hu said that the central government will strictly adhere to the Basic Laws, support the Beijing-appointed chief executives, and focus on developing the economy in the two Special Administrative Regions. "We firmly believe that our compatriots in Hong Kong and Macau have the intelligence, ability and means to properly manage and build the Special Administrative Regions. They will definitely be able to exert a postiive influence in national affairs. They will enjoy the dignity and honour of being Chinese along with the rest of the nation.""

    Looks like status quo for HK for next 10 years... will SG ever over take HK? or will HK still retain an edge?
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    Bro, you already know the answer

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