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    which group deserve the most help from society?

    me is looking toward to donate to those who are born with disablities from the first day they are born.. . Reason being is they do not have a choice & opportunity like normal kids. Normal kids still have the opportunity to learn & make a living for themselves when they grow up(unless they are do not put in effort..then it is ownself to be blame)..

    your thought?
    I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost quotes (American poet, 1874-1963)

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    Agree. The true value of money lies in helping people in need and in time.

    Donald Trump said it best,

    "When planning your estate, you have two responsibilities:

    1) Not to burden your children with undeserved wealth that could paralyze them ..

    2) To make a legacy for yourself that revolves around charitable giving."

    In choosing the right charity, here's my two-cent worth:

    1) Choose the one which is closest to your heart.

    2) Examine their finance and operations like what you would have done in analyzing a potential investment or finding a good deal in properties.

    3) Contribute your time and efforts, not just money.

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    I donate to religious bodies.

    Besides donations, I volunteer in the Prisons. I feel that inmates are the ones that needed much acceptance and moral support from the society. How many times have we made mistakes and hope that we could be forgiven? Unfortunately, many of them spiraled downwards continuously due to lack of moral support and resources to guide them back to the right paths. Many we're trapped in the vicious cycle.

    These inmates, upon released, could potentially contribute back much to the society since they have the intellect and are able-bodied. Our support meant a lot to them.

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