I just heard this very useful BBC broadcast yesterday which I wish to share with all the brothers and sisters here.

We spend a lot of time interacting and sharing (thanks for the generous sharings!) in this forum. In the pursuit of wealth and its preservation, we need to remember to allocate our time resources well, to our family, ourselves, our work, beliefs, even as we try to be financially free, which a number on this forums already are.

We need to create a strategy for our life too, other than buying properties!

BBC broadcast:

How Will You Measure Your Life?
by Clayton M. Christensen


Quick summary:
In the pursuit of profit / wealth, we may take incremental steps, not the original intent, to pursue achievement. This requires extra time spent in our career which then offers immediate tangible reward, rather than the investment in our family and relationship with family and children which bear fruits many years later.

It’s quite startling that a significant fraction of the 900 students that HBS draws each year from the world’s best have given little thought to the purpose of their lives. I tell the students that HBS might be one of their last chances to reflect deeply on that question. If they think that they’ll have more time and energy to reflect later, they’re nuts, because life only gets more demanding: You take on a mortgage; you’re working 70 hours a week; you have a spouse and children.

If you study the root causes of business disasters, over and over you’ll find this predisposition toward endeavors that offer immediate gratification. If you look at personal lives through that lens, you’ll see the same stunning and sobering pattern: people allocating fewer and fewer resources to the things they would have once said mattered most.

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