By Zul Othman and Benson Ang
The New Paper, Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012

For a few hours each day, a corner of Chinatown Complex Food Centre gets steamy - and we're not talking dim sum.
The action happens between young women and old men, who become less inhibited after downing bottles of beer.
Tucked away in a corner, right by the cleaning station, are "beer girls". They cuddle, flirt, sit and chat up customers.
When The New Paper on Sunday visited the food centre at Smith Street yesterday, a group of men were seen in the company of women, believed to be Chinese and Vietnamese nationals.
Some of the women - wearing mini-skirts and low-cut tops - were seen massaging the backs of customers while serving drinks.
Others allowed customers to kiss them.
They do this for a fee, other stallholders told The New Paper on Sunday.
"They are here for a few hours every evening entertaining men, and they receive $10 to $20 for the company," said one stallholder who declined to be named.
Local Chinese evening newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported that such activities occur over the weekend and public holidays and start at around 7pm.
The newspaper carried pictures of men and women indulging in flirtatious behaviour, including giving back massages.
A neighbouring stallholder told The New Paper on Sunday: "It is an eyesore but we leave them alone as long they don't bother our customers. All of them will clear out by 10pm any way."
Mr Eddie Kheng, 31, a regular customer at the hawker centre, finds the sight of foreign women openly soliciting elderly men unseemly.