June 10, 2007


Creating a holiday haven in their very own home

Civil servant Jonathan Oh, 32, tells Jocelyn Lee why he chose to have a resort-themed home in his four-room apartment at Savannah CondoPark

SOOTHING TANS AND CREAMS in the colour scheme add to the resort feel of Jonathan and Dorine Oh's home. In their favourite spot, the living room, they chose leather for the sofa as well as the mounting board for the plasma television to create greater contrast and a more contemporary look. -- WANG HUI FEN

'MY WIFE, Dorine, and I love to go to resorts when we go for holidays as it is very relaxing. Thus, we decided to bring the theme back to our home.

When you first step into the living room, you will notice the custom-made wooden feature wall.

This brings out the resort theme very well. However, we did not want the living area to look too dark, so we added a mirror to the feature wall. Besides making the area look bigger, the mirror also adds a modern touch to the home.

We have a leather mounting board on the feature wall for us to mount our plasma television. The board conceals all the wires, keeping the area uncluttered and neat.

Instead of the usual downlights, we opted for hanging lights with rattan lamp covers for a more cosy and relaxing ambience. We also chose orange lighting instead of white for a more calm and soothing feel.

The colour scheme of our home is beige and brown to match the resort theme.

We chose a beige leather sofa although one in fabric would have fit the resort theme better.

This is because a leather sofa is much easier to maintain and more comfortable. It also makes our home look more contemporary and modern. And it matches the leather mounting board very well.

As for the coffee table, we did not choose a wooden one because we did not want it to steal any attention away from the wooden feature wall.

We wanted the coffee table to be simple, so that it could blend in with the rest of the home. Thus, we chose a plain table with a glass top and metal legs. It is simple, yet classy.

Our favourite area in the home is the living room as it is such a good place to rest and relax after a day of hard work.'

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