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    Happen to see this FAQ page on FEO website. These are also some of the most frequently asked question in this forum very. Should be handy if your need a quick answer. Some lao jiao maybe already memories by hard & can chant them out like singing a song. But should be useful for new birds.

    And this particular Q below really caught my attention.
    Why is Far East price always higher than other developers, current market price and resale market price?

    Far East is one of the leading developers in Singapore. We provide quality products and services and aim to give our investors value for their money. We believe our pricing is market competitive.

    We also price our properties based on several factors such as location, the type of development that we have (mid market or slightly higher-end or exclusive) and market prices.

    When we launch our properties, we start by selling the low floors first and then move on to the high floors. Prices typically start moving up with the storey height. Hence, the prices of available units from the developer will always be higher compared to what is available in the subsale / resale market of the same development as earlier buyers put their units on the secondary market. This is one way of protecting our buyers and the value of their property. They can have better gains if they should eventually sell their properties.

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    Q: Why FEO price always more expensive?

    Ans: Because FEO is the best apprentice of Emperor PAlPatine

    fast forward to 15s
    Ride at your own risk !!!

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    Must say I personally feel that Far East has improved itself continually and able to cater to buyers' ever changing taste. Just look at the number of units it managed to sell as compared to its competitors. Watertown, Eight Courtyards are some good examples of new concept that have been well received by recent buyers.

    They are also able to collaborate with others such as Fraser Centerpoint to get bids successfully and develop condos that sell well as these meet buyers' expectations.

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