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Thread: Geylang raid, invite media for the 1st time

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    Default Geylang raid, invite media for the 1st time

    SINGAPORE: The police conducted a raid in Geylang, arresting 40 people for unlicensed prostitution and for the first time, they allowed the media to tag along.
    Police conducted raids at past midnight to flush out vice—related activities at Lorong 24 and 39 in Geylang.
    At a hotel, some had refused to open the door, while others were half—dressed.
    One couple had only just arrived at the hotel, only to fall into the hands of the police.
    Six hours later, some 39 prostitutes were arrested including a man who is suspected of being involved in the illegal operation.
    Police said the girls could have arrived from Thailand, Vietnam, China and Sri Lanka.
    MediaCorp artistes, who will be acting as police officers for their upcoming drama "CLIF 2", also joined in.
    Actor Qi Yuwu said: "As an actor we have tried many kinds of ways to do research, but tonight is a very special way to do research for CLIF 2."
    MediaCorp artiste Joanne Peh said: "When the action started, it was like oh my gosh, just unexpected, everything happened really fast.I feel for the girls as well, the embarrassment of seeing so many people there, all the cameras shoved."

    — CNA/ck

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    ah geylang..the FRIENDLY neighbourhood...

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    Aiya, should be in the Geylang forum instead of here, can shift or not?

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