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Thread: Singapore 2050 WOHA

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    Default Singapore 2050 WOHA

    Bedok Reservoir combined with Quarry Park liao

    East Cost now looks like Halong Bay

    east coast parkland is considered one of the most famous housing and leisure developments

    probably the most prominent quadrant is the east coast parkland(ECPL). the south-eastern
    quadrant is a high-density leisure dyke which accommodates housing and recreational components.
    more than 300,000 singaporeans call this parkland their home, and an estimated 15 million visitors
    make it to the park every year, making it a leisure location. considered 'the nation's playground',
    ECPL provides its own energy needs and contributes to food security mainly through seafood farms
    and mushroom plantations whose crop goes straight into the 42 micro breweries located
    within the area.
    Ride at your own risk !!!

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    Default 85 years old

    Singapore will be 85 years old, me too.

    Property market should have at least 2 great entering points.

    Let's hope we don't miss them.


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    The water body in the west coast looks like a falcon.

    "The falcon is a symbol of liberty, freedom, and victory. Therefore, it also symbolizes hope to all those who are in bondage whether moral, emotional, or spiritual."

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    sori lah....perhaps next life to see it...

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    Avatar II is it?

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