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Thread: Replicate Punggol's Treetops project

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    Default Replicate Punggol's Treetops project

    June 1, 2007

    Replicate Punggol's Treetops project

    I REFER to the reply by HDB's Dr Chong Fook Loong, 'HDB remains committed to the Punggol 21 vision' (ST, May 22). One reason cited for the lack of facilities in Punggol is the 'lack of a critical mass' of flats.

    However, as can be seen from the overwhelming oversubscription for the recent eco-precinct project (Treetops, where 3,356 applicants vied for 712 flats), there is actually a very large demand for good-quality flats in the Punggol area.

    Dr Chong mentioned that HDB would 'announce other new projects in Punggol later this year', presumably under the Build-to-Order (BTO) system.

    I would like to suggest that instead of inviting applications for these new projects, the HDB could replicate the Treetops project in other precincts nearby and offer them to the 2,644 unsuccessful applicants of the Treetops.

    The HDB, as well as these flat applicants, would then not have to go through another round of BTO applications, thereby saving time and cost for everybody.

    Unsuccessful Treetops applicants would also not have to submit a fresh application and incur the non-refundable $10 application fee again.

    The added advantage is that HDB would be able to fill up three to four precincts almost immediately, and achieve its desired 'critical mass' in Punggol more rapidly.

    Goh Choon Poh

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    Default Re: Replicate Punggol's Treetops project

    June 9, 2007

    More BTO projects on the way in Punggol

    I REFER to Mr Goh Choon Poh's letter ('Replicate Punggol's Treetops project'; ST, June 1), which called on HDB to replicate the eco-precinct at Punggol in nearby precincts and offer them to applicants.

    While the number of applications for HDB's first eco-precinct project has exceeded the flat supply by close to four times, this is not unusual for HDB projects launched in more popular locations. Our experience has shown that a large number of applications may not ultimately translate into a high take-up rate for a project. Applicants may decide not to select flats for various reasons, e.g., their desired units may have been sold or they may subsequently decide to opt for other housing options.

    HDB will continue to launch new projects under the Build-To-Order (BTO) system as this has proven to be effective in preventing an oversupply situation by ensuring that there is sufficient demand before the flats are built.

    HDB had earlier announced that it will be offering more flats in Punggol to build up the critical mass of the town. We would like to assure the writer that HDB has lined up more BTO projects for launch in Punggol later this year, and applicants who were not successfully shortlisted for the eco-precinct can apply for a flat in one of these exercises. Where feasible, HDB will incorporate eco-friendly features in its new projects.

    HDB will announce details of the new projects before they are launched. Interested buyers may want to sign up for HDB's eAlert system so that they can be kept informed of such launches via e-mail.

    Kee Lay Cheng (Ms)
    Deputy Director
    (Marketing & Projects)
    For Director (Estate Administration & Property)
    Housing & Development Board

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