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Ministry of National Development kicks off proposal call

This call focuses on boosting Singapore's land capacity for long-term growth.

In a release, the Ministry of National Development (MND) has announced a call for research proposals to be funded by the MND Research Fund (MNDRF). Singapore today provides good quality housing, reliable infrastructure, extensive greenery, accessible schools and community facilities, with a vibrant economy with good employment and investment opportunities.

To sustain growth, our demand for land for economic uses, housing, and infrastructure will continue to increase, and while further land reclamation could yield some additional land, new and innovative methods are needed to expand Singapore’s land capacity for our long-term development needs.

Additionally, as Singapore accommodates further growth, it must seek to continue to provide a highly-liveable built environment that will enhance the quality of life. It is within this context that we seek innovative research proposals for solutions to accommodate growth and to create an even more vibrant, liveable and resilient environment.

This inaugural Call for Proposals will focus on Research and Development (R