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  1. Re: 'Modest appreciation' of SGD against USD expected as MAS tightens monetary policy

    Is this why we still have faith in the current govt?
    They are able to see the world trend n minimise whatever negative impacts on us.
  2. Re: Behind the exodus of junior lawyers

    Happy CNY to all.
    Honestly, I do not see why this is the only profession that raises such an alarm.
    If data is obtained throughout all industries and profession, I believe we could see similar...
  3. Re: One click to debt: 'buy now, pay later' is fintech's flavour of the year

    It is already pretty bad with the ill-disciplined usage of credit cards in the lesser countries. In educated countries, Credit Cards are used properly to get rebates and cashbacks and for better...
  4. Re: Elon Musk 2.0? Meet Austin Russell, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, L

    Happy New Year!!
    This is inspiring!!
    However, why does Elon think that it is not wise?
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