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  1. General 'en-bloc' News; Bids & Tenders
  2. Wing Tai closes in on Ardmore Point
  3. Kim Seng Plaza for sale
  4. Holland Hill Mansions up for sale at $272.7m
  5. East Coast residential site up for collective sale
  6. Asking price of $40m for Bellerive collective sale
  7. Enbloc sale of The Parisian may set new benchmark
  8. Cashing in on en bloc fever
  9. Anderson 18 to go on the market soon
  10. Shunfu Ville: en bloc sale with a twist?
  11. Race is hotting up to sell new projects on en bloc sites
  12. Amber Road freehold site up for sale at $24m
  13. En bloc sales hit $7.4b to set new record
  14. Far East top buyer of en bloc sites
  15. Ardmore site up for en bloc sale at $471m
  16. Parisian sets new land price benchmark
  17. UIC Building up for collective sale
  18. Second bid by The Albany to sell en bloc
  19. Freehold residential site in District 11 up for collective sale
  20. Concorde Residences in second bid to sell en bloc
  21. Koh Brothers buys Florence Rd site
  22. Mt Sophia Apartment, Lewis Court up for tender
  23. HPL, foreign fund set to buy Horizon Towers for $500m
  24. Holland Crest put up for sale for $68 million
  25. Tulip Garden, a prime residential development site at the heart of District 10 - for
  26. Landmark ruling on figuring loss in en bloc sales
  27. Palm Beach Garden up for collective sale
  28. Balmoral Road site up for enbloc sale
  29. En bloc sales: Have laws to protect minority
  30. Collective sale sites in next wave may fetch around $1 billion each
  31. SP Tao firms to develop adjoining sites
  32. Serial collective sale: Millionaires
  33. Smaller sites snapped up in new wave of collective sales
  34. Anderson 18: Wing Tai, Hong Leong tie-up seen
  35. Failure rate hits 25-35% for en bloc deals
  36. New-for-old swops may feature more in collective sales
  37. En bloc heartland is a 4 sq km zone
  38. The Orchard Road effect
  39. En bloc worry
  40. En bloc property sales: govt proposes extra voting rule
  41. Freehold Grange Heights site up for sale
  42. 4 more properties go on en-bloc sale
  43. BBR in talks to buy Holland Crest for $75m
  44. Cap majority owners' power to block sale
  45. Proposed changes could present hurdles for en bloc sales
  46. Total value of en bloc sales expected to top $10b in 2007: analysts
  47. 2 sites in prime areas up for sale
  48. No cheer for minority owners in en-bloc collective deals
  49. En bloc action moves beyond Orchard area
  50. Successful en bloc sales now spread out geographically over Singapore
  52. The ABCs of en bloc sale
  53. Four more properties up for collective sale
  54. Peace Centre, Peace Mansions up for collective sale
  55. Lower DC for Wing Tai at Ardmore Point site
  56. En bloc rules: Public consultation starts
  57. The Balmoral, Serene House up for sale
  58. Behind the scenes of en bloc sales
  59. Eng Lok Mansion sale hits snag
  60. Sime Darby keen to buy more S'pore properties
  61. Chance for voice to be heard on en bloc sales
  62. En-bloc fever is at a peak, but not everyone is keen to cash in
  63. Shanghai Road en bloc hoo-ha
  64. Singapore's most famous en bloc lawyer?
  65. Gans may be hauled to court for staying put
  66. SingPower selling Halifax Rd site
  67. Serene House up for en bloc
  68. Jubilation Apartments up for en bloc
  69. 6 units at The Vantage up for tender
  70. Pine Grove owners reject big en bloc offer
  71. More transparency needed to protect owners' interest in en bloc sales
  72. Sales committee only keen on collecting signatures STB should offer protection
  73. Grangeford Apartments sets record asking price
  74. Two HDB residential sites to be sold by public tender
  75. Elizabeth Heights going for record $2,100 psf ppr
  76. Bid to stop Waterfront View en bloc sale fails
  77. Collective sales lower supply; prime rents rising
  78. Some Horizon Towers owners in bid to reverse en bloc sale
  79. Farrer Road vicinity condo en bloc thread :)
  80. Tanglin Shopping Centre may hit en bloc trail
  81. The rush to push through en bloc deals
  82. No time to dilly-dally
  83. $2.3m in en bloc sale but some are not happy
  84. Homes up for collective sale enjoy swift rise in value
  85. An infatuation fanning the fire of higher home prices
  86. Be fair to en bloc minorities
  87. Majority loses, too
  88. Neptune Court showdown
  89. $550k extra lure for second en-bloc attempt
  90. Farrer Court's price tag expected to hit $1.5b
  91. Orchard Towers in the crosshairs
  92. More residential sites go on the market
  93. Firm loses suit against owners who call off $30m deal
  94. Single owner selling 48 units in Duchess Crest for $72m
  95. Two more central sites up for en bloc sale
  96. Collective property sales: Check the frenzy
  97. They don't even own the land they're fighting over
  98. Collective sigh
  99. Govt studying feedback on proposals to tighten en bloc sales
  100. En bloc deals hit $6.38b - nearly topping all of last year's
  101. Paramount Hotel site being sold for $200m
  102. Two commercial sites at Balestier up for en bloc sale
  103. Cooling the en-bloc frenzy
  104. Orchard Plaza explores avenues for collective sale
  105. En bloc investors or just vultures?
  106. Cho Yaw's firms are top en bloc buyers
  107. Tribunal to hear Horizon Towers collective sale row
  108. Expression-of-interest may get Tulip Garden higher sale price
  109. Safeguard interests of the elderly in en bloc sales
  110. Be cash smart after disposing of your flat in en bloc sale
  111. Small band of dissenters fights en bloc sale frenzy
  112. Let Select Committee hear public views
  113. Family lives being wrecked by en bloc deals
  114. En bloc sales: Time for lawmakers to act in the interests of the public
  115. Govt Evaluating Public Feedback on En Bloc Laws
  116. 140-unit estate sold but one won't move
  117. Casa Nassau and St Patrick's View up for En Bloc
  118. Credo no longer new kid on the 'en bloc'
  119. Foreign buying of residential land soars
  120. En bloc sales: Govt starts second public consultation
  121. En bloc blues
  122. Riding the en bloc wave
  123. Many forced to downgrade after going for en bloc sale
  124. This is my home, or maybe not
  125. Suburban areas find themselves under the hammer, too
  126. Collective property sales are not just about money
  127. Pacific Mansions guns for record en bloc price
  128. Horizon Towers: bid for judicial review fails
  129. OUE 'inks deal' to buy Grangeford
  130. En bloc blues: A child depressed because of constant moving
  131. At a rate of one deal every three days, this property culture hardly exists anywhere
  132. Big player on the bloc
  133. Iconic buildings among four properties headed for collective sale
  135. Can Money Ease Loss of Memories?
  136. Watten Estate Condo up for en bloc sale
  137. $128m en-bloc sale windfall for Hakka clan
  138. Auction volumes grow on en bloc demand
  139. Should lawyers keep interest on deposits?
  140. Dairy Farm Condo Resident is Battling Enbloc Sale of 'Unique' Estate
  141. En bloc frenzy
  142. East Coast site up for sale
  143. Lawyer should have been clear about fees
  144. Two en bloc sites, hotel plot up for grabs
  145. Property disputes keep Strata Titles Boards busier than ever
  146. En bloc hits sour note
  147. No clear rule on interest earned on collective sale monies
  148. Claymore Road site expected to sell for $2,815 psf ppr
  149. More owners of properties with en bloc potential taking the auction route
  150. Margate Mansion en bloc sale seeks $63.8m
  151. SuperBowl to sell 2 Balestier properties
  152. Watten Estate condo up for collective sale
  153. Owners of Claymore bungalow plots sitting on potential goldmine
  154. when Banks Say 'No' The En Bloc Owner's Dilemma
  155. It's en bloc, not end block
  156. Laguna Park privatised
  157. Tan Tong Meng Tower hits en bloc trail
  158. Govt raises development charge from 50% to 70%
  159. Govt's move to raise development charge will slow en bloc sales
  160. DC rate hiked, but 'it's not a cooling measure'
  161. Reserve prices raised to beat rule change in en bloc sales
  162. Owners say enbloc sale of Tulip Garden has been called off
  163. Pacific Mansion reserve price rise explained
  164. Property charge hike may cool en bloc fever
  165. Futura: Minority owners go to court to revoke en bloc sale
  166. Developers unfazed by rise in property fee
  167. Higher DC fees may affect 41 en bloc deals: Analyst
  168. Property charge hike not meant to cool collective sale fever: Mah
  169. En bloc sales drive demand and supply
  170. En-bloc sales: Raise percentage of willing subsidiary proprietors from 80% to 90%
  171. The Hillpark and Chateau Eliza seek buyers in collective sale
  172. DC hike changes market dynamics, mood
  173. Fast track for en bloc deals
  174. City Towers' asking price doubles in 3 mths
  175. Mixed landed housing site for sale
  176. Shouts & Jeers - Bayshore Park
  177. En-bloc meeting is condo's third in five months
  178. En-bloc deals and irritating financial agents
  179. Some Gillman Heights owners fight on for their homes
  180. NUS link in Gillman Heights sale under query
  181. En-bloc sales eroding our 'sense of kampung'
  182. Investment sales could hit $25b this year: CBRE
  183. Commercial units, residential site up for sale
  184. Only one collective sale done so far this year
  185. Horizon Towers case back in High Court
  186. High Court rejects Airview Towers' Collective Sale
  187. Landmark Tower goes en bloc again, at lower price tag
  188. Church puts up Telok Kurau site for tender sale
  189. Last year's boom in investment sales likely to continue in '08
  190. En bloc: Importance of being earnest
  191. Makeway View en bloc deal falls through
  192. Pinetree back with lower en bloc asking price
  193. Two en bloc sales delayed; developer asks for more time
  194. It's wait-and-see for Pender Court, Tulip Garden home owners
  195. Futura minority owners withdraw appeal against en bloc sale
  196. Confirmed: Tulip Garden's en bloc sale to Bravo rescinded
  197. Royalville condo relaunched for sale by tender
  198. Property investment sales up at S$8.36b in Q1 but still off 2007 peak
  199. Freehold residential site Amber Glades relaunched for en bloc sale
  200. En bloc market suffers double whammy as investors look elsewhere
  201. Property agents in race against en bloc clock
  202. Issues of cost, procedures bubble up in new en bloc rules
  203. En bloc sales: Consider wider interests of society, not just economic payoffs
  204. Some upside in failed en bloc deals
  205. High Court wants STB to hear Regent Court sale appeal
  206. Kim Eng's Ronald Ooi cuts losses on condo deal
  207. Not feasible to raise en bloc consent level to 99%
  208. Buyers, Sellers call off Collective Sale of Finland Gardens
  209. Commercial unit, GCB for sale by tender
  210. Flaw in en-bloc mediation process
  211. Pender Court en bloc sale fails, owners keep $12m
  212. Majority owners at Airview Towers win appeal
  213. For his daughters, he fought en bloc battle alone (Ken Lee of Airview Towers)
  214. Goodbye, en bloc sales
  215. Mandarin Gardens' management panel steps down over enbloc disputes
  216. Plot Ratio
  217. En bloc uproar at Bayshore Park, Mandarin Gardens
  218. Small firms bought bulk of en bloc sale sites
  219. En-bloc system needs relook, as Bayshore shows
  220. Regent Garden owners file appeal despite sale completion
  221. En bloc woes at Toh Tuck Road
  222. Why so quiet? Farrer Court how?
  223. En bloc sales bring out the worst in Singaporeans
  224. Pacific Mansions : How now?
  225. Four en bloc sites back on market with lower tags
  226. Pearlbank battle still raging?
  227. En bloc blues? There's hope, says support group
  228. Packing up your troubles is a mere cop-out
  229. Q2 investment sales of properties slide, but money waiting in the wings
  230. Gillman en bloc sale to proceed
  231. Chuan Park - Is it Going Enbloc
  232. Huh? What are plot ratios?
  233. Slowdown in private market spells end of en bloc fever
  234. My Windfall of Memories
  235. Investment sales fall in Q2 but foreign funds still looking
  236. Tampines Court sale dismissed
  237. Dissenters of Horizon Towers en-bloc sale lose appeal
  238. Landmark ruling
  239. En bloc site relaunched with 40% lower price tag
  240. Vandals keen on en-bloc sale damage cars
  241. Cross-appeal filed for Gillman enbloc
  242. En-bloc sales a menace to society
  244. Stalemate threatens Thomson collective sale
  245. Tough calls in next property DC revision
  246. Maison Royale put up for collective sale
  247. Hope for owners fighting en bloc
  248. En bloc spat: Mailboxes hit
  249. Research on en-bloc
  250. Rates tweaked slightly in dull market