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  1. Prices for good class bungalows rise 20%
  2. Simon Cheong sells Peirce Rd house for quick profit
  3. OCBC names DTZ to auction three Jln Ampang bungalows
  4. Three GCBs up for auction next week
  5. Good class bungalow market chalks up more gains
  6. Making a quick profit from good class bungalows
  7. 3 of 5 Chansville site houses sold
  8. Sentosa Cove Pte Ltd reveals reserve prices for first time
  9. Record spending by S'poreans on good class bungalows this year
  10. Bungalow sales could exceed $1b in 2006: Savills
  11. Bungalow fetches $8.5m in auction
  12. GCB deals set new record in 2006
  13. YTL, partner clinch Sandy Island at Sentosa Cove
  14. Home away from home
  15. Demand for GCBs set to stay high
  16. Foreign buying extends to landed homes in prime areas
  17. Dunearn Road 'temple' house has neighbours incensed
  18. Sentosa Cove invites offers for seafront bungalow land parcels
  19. Prices for Sentosa bungalow land hit new high
  20. Upswing in GCB land prices expected to continue
  21. IRAS puts River Valley house up for auction
  22. Heritage property lovers save part of 95-year-old bungalow
  23. For sale: Mountbatten conservation bungalow
  24. Time to ease curbs on foreign buying of landed homes: Report
  25. Simon Cheong pays $7m for bungalow: sources
  26. Landed property: Ministry says no plans to lift curbs on foreigners
  27. Lifting restrictions on foreigners purchasing landed properties will harm S'poreans
  28. Wise for S'pore to maintain property curbs
  29. East Coast conservation bungalow sold for $13.95m
  30. Luxury bungalows enjoy strong demand in buoyant market
  31. Leasehold Landed Property, those older ones
  32. Can Amber Road house be relocated?
  33. A $6.8-million decision, made in 24 hours
  34. Non-prime landed home prices rising fast
  35. Two good class bungalows fetch $35.5m at auctions
  36. 4 Sentosa plots offered for sale
  37. More foreigners apply to buy landed homes
  38. Nobel Design snaps up two more properties
  39. SCPL's Sentosa Cove site up for grabs
  40. Landed housing plot draws top bid of just $77.80 psf
  41. Designing a house begins with the site it sits on
  42. Jurong West landed plot not awarded
  43. Prices and rentals of landed homes set to rise
  45. Landed plots fetch 22% less at URA auction
  46. Two industrial sites, good class bungalow up for sale
  47. 4 bungalows sold for $5.5m each
  48. Where life's a breeze
  49. In the spotlight this week: Good-class bungalows
  50. Seletar's colonial houses in demand as bulldozers roll in
  51. Trunk service
  52. Cool haven for seven
  53. Road sinks at Cornwall Gardens Road, creating massive hole
  54. Key player in Jade saga set to sell luxury home
  55. Verde Villa
  56. In the spotlight this week: State-owned bungalows for rent
  57. Old Terrace Near Holland Village - Are They For Sale?, Chip Bee Gardens.. Jalan Merah
  58. Can landlords hike rents by 300%?
  59. For Sale: Detached House in Sentosa Cove
  60. YTL's Sentosa villas to start from $12m each
  61. Cooling property market takes a seat at SLA auction
  62. Brunei prince fights to keep Nassim mansion
  63. Is this S'pore's most expensive house?
  64. For Sale: Detached House
  65. Key player in Jade saga reaps huge profit from home sale
  66. Prices of good class bungalows still going up, but volume falls
  68. In the spotlight this week: Landed homes for less than $1.5 million
  69. Older landed homes now within reach
  70. End of the road for 174 Seletar colonial homes
  71. For Sale: New house at Serangoon Garden
  72. 99 yr vs FH houses
  73. Tai Keng Villa
  74. The ball is in his courtyard
  75. Foreign workers? Not in my backyard
  76. Backyard walls collapse in mudslide
  77. Angle management
  78. Restored Katong house wins Unesco award
  79. Fairly sound fundamentals for GCBs
  80. Serangoon Gardens dorm to go ahead
  81. YTL launches Sandy Island villas on Sentosa Cove
  83. 1 Room in 656 JLN TENAGA for rent $500
  84. SARINA TERRACE Terrace for rent
  85. LOYANG VILLAS Terrace for sale
  86. SWISS CLUB PARK Bungalow for sale
  87. SEMBAWANG HILL ESTATE Terrace for sale
  88. Can we afford a 3-storey terrace house?
  89. Fewer Good Class Bungalows sold last year
  90. First cracks appear in Sentosa Cove haven
  91. For Rent: 4+1 Corner Terrace Along Flower Road
  92. For Rent [email protected] lebar walk only 3000~`
  93. Conned into renting same house
  94. Owner told to pay $382k agent's fee
  95. Feedback on Mimosa Terrace
  96. Landing a good investment
  97. Can foreigners inherit landed property?
  98. Landed Property - in D15 & D16 (within $1.5mil)
  99. Land a house for under $1 million
  100. Villa Verde in Yew Tee good buy
  101. Landed home values hold up well
  102. Whitley Villas - Luxurious Cluster Semi-Ds & Detached @ Whitley Estate
  103. Chateau Lasalle (Cluster Detached @ Lasalle St / Siglap Hill)
  104. Jet Li buys $20m Binjai Rise bungalow
  105. Top-end bungalows going, going, gone
  106. More high-end properties up for auction
  107. Top-end bungalow prices rise as sales revive
  108. Drawn to nature
  109. Kampung comfort
  110. Advise plse - How to tell property is on sewerage land?
  111. Court quashes couple's bid to convert semi-detached to bungalow
  112. For semi-Ds, breaking up is hard to do
  113. In a class of their own
  114. Finding that jewel of a house
  115. Down by the beach
  116. Cluster Semi-Ds/Terrace Homes Launching @ Jansen D19
  117. Jansen [email protected] Road~Preview Soon!!!
  118. Don't write off old bungalows
  119. An elite investment gets its day in the sun
  120. Buying the ultimate home
  121. Saraca Terraces
  122. Plot ratio?
  123. Conservation House
  124. 2 GCBs at Queen Astrid Park to be auctioned
  125. Perfect refuge
  126. Cluster homes aren't as large as buyers think
  127. Serangoon Gardens
  128. Deals stay hot on bungalow fever
  129. 3 storey landed
  130. Fragrance unit buys Sembawang site
  131. Landed homes the way to go
  132. The growing GCB market
  134. The commune
  135. Seafront homes
  136. HDB puts up Jurong West land for tender at Westwood Avenue
  137. Can I combine 2 adjoining terraces into 1 ?
  138. Foreign buyer's Sentosa Cove deal falls short
  139. EstriVillas - Clustered Off Sixth Ave
  140. Shamrock Villas @ Namly - New Clustered Bungalows
  141. Verdana Villas
  142. Jurong West landed housing site draws 32 bids
  143. Seletar Estate
  144. Banner year for good class bungalows
  145. Han Seng Juan reaps handsome profit from GCB sale
  146. Terrace prices are king among landed homes
  147. Floor Area of Cluster Housing
  148. 7 villas in Sentosa Cove go on sale
  149. Top-end bungalows fetching top dollar
  150. Good class bungalows may become pricier
  151. Landed homes lift private property market
  152. Reaching the end of the road
  153. Mortgage debt may force Chans out of Everitt Road
  154. View on semi-d at Pheonix Ave & Galistan Ave
  155. The Springside?
  156. Luxus Hills
  157. Over $500m of Good Class Bungalows sold in Q1: CBRE
  158. Landed Strata Titles
  159. $38m price for 2 adjacent bungalows in Meyer area
  160. Sales of landed homes likely to surpass 2009 numbers this year
  161. Price of Sentosa Cove home defies gravity
  162. Cost of Demolish and Rebuilding a House
  163. Just $15.8m for Sentosa house with grim past
  164. Trends emerge as foreigners hunt for landed homes...
  165. Buyers have landed, they're mostly local
  166. Landlord battles hard to evict home owners
  167. Prestige bungalows soar in price
  168. Sales of landed homes picking up
  169. everything related to LANDED!!!
  170. Landed home purchases by foreigners surge
  171. Bungalow sold at bargain price
  172. China buyers are tops in Sentosa Cove
  173. 33 colonial bungalows up for lease
  174. Good-class bungalows now pricier
  175. Pilot test for landed home designs
  176. Landed home prices up sharply
  177. URA to auction landed housing plots in Sembawang
  178. Prices of landed homes outside prime areas hit new high
  179. Buyers climb steep prices to the high life
  180. Swiss Club's 'useless' strip of land brightens a tycoon's plot
  181. Landed Property at Potong Pasir
  182. District 13 Bungalow for sale
  183. Two GCBs sold for $26.6m at Colliers auction
  184. Landed property going strong
  185. New rules for landed owners
  186. Impact of new landed property rules 'negligible'
  187. Prices rising faster than for condos
  188. Cheque mix-up scuttles property deal
  189. Chestnut Ave bungalow sells for $5.24m
  190. Some 150 developers bid aggressively for 14 land parcels at Sembawang
  191. Bought: $20m in June 2009, Sold: $37m in Oct 2009
  192. Landlord wins suit to evict home owner
  193. Landed properties in Iskandar, Johor
  194. The bungalow train continues to gather momentum
  195. Landed property fever?
  196. Upgrading of private estates with S$46m MND fund
  197. Ascott wins bid to manage bungalows
  198. Court clears sale of $37m bungalow
  199. which landed estate is the best?
  200. Good Class Bungalow deals hit record $1.85b
  201. Good-class bungalows join the party as auctions raise cheer
  202. Landed homes' capital values rise faster than apartments, condos
  203. $36 million Sentosa Cove deal called off
  204. Value of landed property expected to rise next year
  205. Landed homes' capital values rise faster than apartments, condos
  206. Choices within a choice segment
  207. Huge collective sale site slated for landed homes
  208. Spotlight on good-class bungalows
  209. Are landed property prices for real?
  210. 2storey vs 3storey mixed landed, price difference?
  211. Landed home crunch set to worsen
  212. Landed home owners lapping up pools to add value
  213. 'Crazy prices' in District 10
  214. Seeking advice: make offer and sell old place or wait
  215. Share of landed homes in Singapore falls
  216. The charge of the bungalows brigade
  217. District 19 Leaps into favour
  218. Loyang Villas
  219. Landed property near Simei MRT
  220. Demand for landed properties likely to be robust
  221. Watch out for flash floods over weekend
  222. Landed homes closing the psf price gap
  223. More Price Upside for Landed Homes!
  224. Strata landed homes attract a following
  225. Bungalow prices to hold steady
  226. Cluny Road GCB fetches record $2,038 psf
  227. $36m Sentosa home sale still valid
  228. Homing in on high-end property
  229. From hot spot to chilly cove
  230. Bungalow-buying foreigners throng to a new address
  231. Chinese are top foreign buyers of bungalows
  232. West Facing Landed
  233. Thomson Garden Estate
  234. Landed going for almost 2000 PSF (non GCB)
  235. SSD
  236. D26 vs. D28 Landed
  237. Rolls-Royce of bungalows hits a road-bump as sales slump in Q1
  238. Bt Timah land lease 'will be my top focus if re-elected'
  239. Activity in good class bungalow market picks up
  240. Landed troublesome?
  241. Terrace house smaller than house next door
  242. Recommendation of conveyancing lawyer
  243. How much would you pay for a house in D15?
  244. Two choice sites in Serangoon for sale
  245. Monster invasion
  246. Gap in offer, asking prices widens, GCB sales fall through it
  247. Sons, mistress tussle over $7m house
  248. Condo below $650 psf
  249. Would you pay the premium for a semi-D rather than corner terrace?
  250. What's important to you in choosing the location of a landed house?